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Motivational Techniques Free Essays

Motivationals strategies in Switzerland MOTIVATIONAL METHODS THAT ARE MOST EFFECTIVE IN EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Robert Gordon University †Business and Hotel Management School BA Hotel and Hospitality Management Course BS 3149 Research Methods for Business Students Module organizer: Ms Heather Robinson Submission date: ninth April 2013 Student ID No. : 1219453 Word Count: 2008 1. Point: Motivational strategies that are best in cordiality worker inspiration 2. We will compose a custom paper test on Inspirational Techniques or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now QUESTION: What are the best strategies to persuade café representatives in Switzerland? . ARTICLES ANKLI, R. E. , PALLIAM, R. , (2012). Empowering a spurred workforce: investigating the wellsprings of inspiration. Advancement and Learning in Organizations, 26(2), pp. 7 †10 BASSETT-JONES, N. , LLOYD, G. C. , (2005). Does Herzberg’s inspiration hypothesis have resilience?. Diary of Management Development, 24(10), pp. 929 †943 ESKILDSEN, J. K. , KRISTENSEN, K. , and WESTLUND, A. H. , (2004). Work inspiration and employment fulfillment in the Nordic nations. Representative Relations, 26(2), pp. 122 †136 LEE-ROSS, D. , (2005). Seen work qualities and inside work inspiration: An exploratory culturally diverse investigation of the persuasive predecessors of lodging laborers in Mauritius and Australia. Diary of Management Development, 24(3), 253 †266. STAMOV-ROSSNAGEL, C. , and HERTEL, G. , (2010). More seasoned workers’ inspiration: against the fantasy of general decrease. The board Decision, 48(6), 894 †906. WHEELER, A. R. , BUCKLEY, M. R. , (2001). Analyzing the inspiration procedure of brief representatives: An all encompassing model and exploration system. Diary of Managerial Psychology, 16(5), pp. 339 †354. Different SOURCES HERZBERG, F. , MAUSNER, B. , and SNYDERMAN, B. B. , 1959. Inspiration to work. New York: Transaction Publishers. 4. Method of reasoning The scientist accepts that the subject chose is noteworthy for the café and cordiality industry today and assumes a key job in expanding benefit as propelling the workforce would additionally help in better assistance, food quality and even capacity to hold clients in a specific way. As indicated by Stamov-Rossnagel and Hertel (2010), the persuasive variables relies upon a significant wide scope of potential outcomes, anyway one of them incorporate the workplace, peers and the need to contend with the achievements of another specialist in a similar substance. These laborers are roused when they have the best possible gear wanted for playing out a particular errand and are consistently refreshed with the most recent hardware which would help them in their assignments at work. At the point when these laborers feel that they are being checked and are thought about by giving the gear, legitimate working conditions, they definitely want to perform better and are spurred. In any case, once in a while, the scope of errands in a vocation may not be as inspiring as the specific assignment that the laborer is keen on. Observing these errands which rouse a specialist ought to be explicitly appointed to them to improve profitability. Supervisors should constrain and maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of any kind of social or moral foundation about a representative while attempting to pass judgment on the work or inspiring him (Lee-Ross, 2005). Different western organizations watched and rehearsed the methodology of participative administration and style of work which included the choices and perspectives on each specialist, which would by implication rise their regard and persuade them. Yielding and obligation are two profoundly significant inspirations. People additionally have individual objectives and in the event that they are like those of the venture, at that point inspiration is a straightforward procedure. In any case, recognizing the points and objectives of representatives is obligatory to interface it in a manner to that of the association and exceed expectations in incomes and market profitability. These people could raise a few inventive procedures and thoughts, particularly when they are at the prime of inspiration level. Henceforth, the objectives and points of people matter to a great extent in an endeavor for it to quicken in the market. Transitory representatives are an exceptionally regular pattern in today’s period where colossal worldwide and privately owned businesses worker them explicitly for diminishing expense and having the option to control the calendar of the low maintenance or brief workers (Wheeler and Buckley, 2001). Be that as it may, numerous privately owned businesses worker brief representatives and are anticipating that them should be persuaded for the activity. The all day laborers likewise lose enthusiasm for clarifying the low maintenance laborers about the work process and the significance of following a deliberate way to deal with each strategy and thus, the transitory specialists don't want to perform better and quicken in their position. The brief laborers are kept separated from the significant choices being taken in the association and are detached, particularly in MNC’s, for example, McDonald’s Burger King and different diverse drive-through joints. Be that as it may, this additionally suggests to certain other easygoing cafés which utilizes assistants and other low maintenance laborers who too are not spurred enough to invest their amounts of energy into the endeavor. The specialist investigated the writing and recognized the accompanying barely any preferences of persuading individuals: 1. Makes an eager workforce 2. Empowers the chance to determine any showdown in no time and lift staff resolve 3. Expands income of the café . Takes out the need of checking staff According to Eskildsen, Kristensen, and Westlund, (2004) ladies are more fulfilled than men in regards to work fulfillment, representatives with more elevated level of training need not really be increasingly fulfilled, yet at time could even outcome to be the opposite. Be that as it may, instruction level doesn't affect natural elements, though administrative situated laborers are progressively happy with their employments. The Herzberg hypothesis expresses that the persuasive variables are partitioned into two primary parts, the main known as the cleanliness factors which are identified with compensation, working conditions and collaboration while the last is identified with inspirational methods (Bassett-Jones and Lloyd, 2005). Persuasive methods depend exclusively on 3 main considerations, capacity to work out, chance to practice and criticism to self. These are clarified in the book by Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman (1959) which portray the cleanliness factors offered by the business basically as ‘KITA’ or kick in the ass, which doesn't rouse one yet rather compromises them to work more enthusiastically as it were. In the event that one have the capacity to perform or has an aptitude, for example, correspondence, administration, cooking and so on he/she will expect to accomplish better objectives throughout everyday life. Nonetheless, if the individual doesn't have the gear and other important intends to rehearse his aptitudes, he won't have the option to perform to the best and would not be roused. This later incorporates an input, which may not generally originate from a more significant position authority yet even from self makes a difference. These are the 3 essential necessities for inspiration and is identified with each industry. 5. Points: The point of this exploration paper is to break down the best method(s) for inspiring eatery representatives in Switzerland. . Goals: To audit past and current techniques for representative inspiration To analyze the distinction between worker inspiration strategies in various eateries in Switzerland To assess the most utilized strategies applied by b osses and their viability 7. Strategy The specialist was energetic about gathering essential information and is looking forward to arrangement a system for conveying between a few eateries in Switzerland in regards to the inspirational procedures broadly utilized inside the café for sponsorship up representatives for additional work. The exploration reasoning surfaced as authenticity as the strategies and procedures are material in the commonsense life and should be investigated by and by for an all the more clear vision. Deductive methodology was the most appropriate style for this sort of examination where the specialist assessed various ideas and speculations set in front of him by various rationalists and clinicians contemplating the territory of inspiration of representatives in an industry and a blend of both subjective and quantitative investigation were both essential in such a venture. Subjective examination held tight the writing and diary articles and will likewise incorporate the reviews spread all through specific cafés in Switzerland, and the analyst would later meeting and question the proprietor of an acclaimed Indian eatery in Zurich, Switzerland which is known for propelling its workers to an exceptionally serious extent and empowering them to screen and deal with an eatery solo. The scientist will disperse a survey among 30 unique representatives of a few eateries in Luzern and in Zurich and furthermore to 3-5 distinctive eatery chiefs for input with respect to the inspirational strategies and procedures plenteous in the region. The examining procedure is non-likelihood, purposive strategy and spotlights on just a specialty of the populace. Ascertaining the outcomes from both the business and representative would develop the extent of exploration and present forward a more ransparent information on inspirational methods applied. The Fredrick Herzberg hypothesis of inspirational and clean factors are very pertinent to this center theme and go inseparably with the thoughts of the analyst. The down to earth world puts stock in cash being an exceptionally overwhelming spark and just as professional stability, working conditions and advantages. The analyst claims it to be bogus and might want to demonstrate it on paper. 8. DRAFT QUESTIONS My name is Ankit Sharma and I am an understudy of Business and Hotel Management School in Luzern, Switzerland. This examination review will give me solid proof towards my task, ‘What are the best strategies to persuade café representatives in Switzerland’ and help me in my Research

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Non Conventional Machine Free Essays

Module 9 Non-traditional machining Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur Lesson 36 Ultrasonic Machining (USM) Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur Instructional Objectives I. ii. iii. We will compose a custom article test on Non Conventional Machine or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now iv. Portray the essential instrument of material evacuation in USM Identify the procedure parameters of USM Identify the machining attributes of USM Analyze the impact of procedure parameters on material expulsion rate (MRR) v. Create numerical model relating MRR with USM parameters vi. Attract variety MRR with various procedure parameters vii. Distinguish significant parts of USM hardware viii. Express the working standard of USM gear ix. Draw schematically the USM hardware x. Rundown three utilizations of USM xi. Rundown three impediments of USM 1. Presentation Ultrasonic machining is a non-conventional machining process. USM is assembled under the mechanical gathering NTM forms. Fig. 9. 2. 1 quickly portrays the USM procedure. Power, F Slurry of rough and water Horn Vibration recurrence f ~ 19 †25 kHz Amplitude, a ~ 10 †50 ? m Tool Work Fig. 9. 2. 1 The USM procedure In ultrasonic machining, a device of wanted shape vibrates at a ultrasonic recurrence (19 ~ 25 kHz) with an adequacy of around 15 †50 ? over the workpiece. By and large the instrument is squeezed descending with a feed power, F. Between the apparatus and workpiece, the machining zone is overflowed with hard grating particles for the most part as a water based slurry. As the apparatus vibrates over the workpiece, the grating particles go about as the indenters and indent both the work material and the device. The rough particles, as they i ndent, the work material, would evacuate the equivalent, especially if the work material is fragile, because of break commencement, spread and weak crack of the Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur aterial. Consequently, USM is for the most part utilized for machining fragile materials {which are poor conduits of power and in this way can't be prepared by Electrochemical and Electro-release machining (ECM and ED)}. 2. Components of Material Removal in USM and its demonstrating As has been referenced before, USM is commonly utilized for machining fragile work material. Material expulsion fundamentally happens because of the space of the hard rough corn meal on the weak work material. As the apparatus vibrates, it prompts space of the grating corn meal. During space, because of Hertzian contact stresses, breaks would grow just beneath the contact site, at that point as space advances the splits would proliferate because of increment in stress and at last lead to weak crack of the work material under every individual collaboration site between the rough corn meal and the workpiece. The instrument material ought to be with the end goal that space by the grating corn meal doesn't prompt fragile disappointment. In this manner the instruments are made of intense, solid and pliable materials like steel, tempered steel and other malleable metallic combinations. Other than this weak disappointment of the work material because of space some material evacuation may happen because of free streaming effect of the abrasives against the work material and related strong effect disintegration, yet it is evaluated to be somewhat unimportant. Along these lines, in the present model, material expulsion would be expected to happen just because of effect of abrasives among instrument and workpiece, trailed by space and fragile crack of the workpiece. The model considers the misshapening of the device. In the present model, all the abrasives are viewed as indistinguishable fit as a fiddle and size. A grating molecule is viewed as circular however with neighborhood round lumps as appeared in Fig. 9. 2. 2. The rough particles are described by the normal coarseness distance across, dg. It is additionally expected that the neighborhood circular lumps have a uniform measurement, db and which is identified with the coarseness distance across by db = ? dg2. Subsequently a grating is portrayed by ? what's more, dg. db dg Fig. 9. 2. 2 Schematic portrayal of rough coarseness Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur During space by the grating coarseness onto the workpiece and the apparatus, the nearby circular lumps contact the surfaces and the space procedure is portrayed by db instead of by dg. Fig. 9. 2. 3 shows the collaboration between the rough coarseness and the workpiece and apparatus. Apparatus db grating coarseness db Work A B db 2x C D ?w Hemispherical material expelled because of fragile Fig. 9. 2. 3 Interaction among coarseness and workpiece and device As the space continues, the contact zone between the rough coarseness and workpiece is set up and the equivalent develops. The contact zone is roundabout in nature and is described by its measurement ‘2x’. At full space, the space profundity in the work material is described by ? w. Because of the space, as the work material is fragile, weak break happens prompting hemi-round crack of breadth ‘2x’ under the contact zone. Hence material expulsion per grating coarseness is given as 2 ? w = ? x 3 Now from Fig. 9. 2. 3 AB 2 = AC 2 + BC 2 ? db ? ?d ? ? ? = ? b ? ? w ? + x2 ? 2 ? ? 2 ? 2 x = db? w ignoring ? w2 as ? w Step by step instructions to refer to Non Conventional Machine, Papers

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Mindfulness Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief

Mindfulness Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief Meditation Print Mindfulness: Health Benefits Beyond Stress Relief A Powerful Tool for Positive Change By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on October 01, 2018 How Stress Impacts Your Health Overview Signs of Burnout Stress and Weight Gain Benefits of Exercise Stress Reduction Tips Self-Care Practices Mindful Living Tony Anderson/Getty Images Is constant worry about the future or the past creating stress beyond the existing stress you face in your life? There are many ways to manage the specific problems you face, but if you are experiencing stress about the stress you face in life, it might be time to begin a mindfulness practice and come back to the here and now. This simple exercise has been proven to help people with a variety of emotional issues, is a powerful tool for positive change and can be used to significantly reduce your level of stress. What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more fully aware of the present momentâ€" non-judgmentally and completely â€" rather than dwelling in the past or projecting into the future. It generally involves a heightened awareness of sensory stimuli (really noticing your breathing, feeling the sensations of your body, etc.) and being in the now. Anyone with any belief system can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. While mindfulness has origins in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, there is no necessary religious component to mindfulness. How Is Mindfulness Attained? Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation, but one can also practice mindfulness through daily living. Simply focusing on the present moment and quieting your inner dialogue can help you attain mindfulness. What Are The Benefits of Mindfulness? As Eastern practices gain more popularity in the West, mindfulness has been paired with cognitive therapy. Early research shows some very promising results. Practicing mindfulness, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) have been found to be helpful with the following: Anxiety Disorders, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)Patients with GAD may experience significant reductions in anxiety and depressive symptoms after a mindfulness-based intervention.DepressionPatients who experienced residual depressive symptoms following a depressive episode experienced a decrease in symptoms and ruminations following a mindfulness-based intervention, with further gains a month later.Relationship IssuesOne study found that people who exhibited greater mindfulness as a personality trait tended to enjoy greater satisfaction in relationships and deal with relationship stress more constructively. Another study found that those who employ mindfulness have a lower stress response during conflict, while the state of mindfulness was associated with better communication during conflicts. Both studies link mindfulness with relationship well-being.Sleep ProblemsCancer patients found a reduction in sleep disturbance and an increase in sleep quality following an 8-wee k MBSR program.Eating DisordersAfter completing an 8-week mindfulness-based treatment program, women with bulimia nervosa reported significant improvements in emotions and behaviors. Many experienced greater self-awareness, acceptance and compassion, among other benefits.Stress ManagementStudies have found mindfulness to be helpful with daily stresses as well as more serious stresses experienced by those with a chronic or life-threatening illness. The practice of mindfulness has been shown to have lasting positive effects with benefits that increase with practice. How Can Mindfulness Be Used To Relieve Stress? Studies show that mindfulness can be helpful in stopping ruminations over things that cause stress; it helps people keep from dwelling on negative thoughts. Mindfulness can also be used to decrease anxiety over the future. It can provide a break from stressful thoughts and allow you to take a mental break and gain perspective, among other things. As mentioned earlier, mindfulness can be achieved most simply through meditation. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation has benefits for your physical as well as your mental health.   For those who tend to get antsy during meditation (don’t worry, you’re not alone), there are other ways to ease into the practice of mindfulness. Gardening, listening to music and even cleaning the house can become a practice in mindfulness if you take the right approach. Focus on the present and quiet that voice inside - the one that offers the running commentary on what you’re doing, what you’ve done, and what you will be doing.

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How Faith in God Came to Be - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 9 Words: 2706 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/03/22 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Faith Essay Did you like this example? A King named Dashrat ruled, north of the Ganges River, in the city of Ayodhya. He was astute and robust, but still childless. The gods in heaven were greatly agitated by Ravan, the demon King of Lanka. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "How Faith in God Came to Be?" essay for you Create order The King turned to Vishnu for aid. King Dasharatha begs to Vishnu, â€Å"Please my lord we need you to incarnate in order to defeat Ravana.† Lord Vishnu knowing the trouble that Ravan has caused, agreed, â€Å"I shall incarnate as one of your sons† Lord Vishnu is the third god to be created in Hinduism and is depicted as having dark blue skin and having four arms. King Dasharatha’s three wives bore four boys: Bharat, Lakshman, Shatrughn, and Ram (in whom Vishnu had incarnated himself). Ram the eldest, of the four princes, was his father’s favorite. Lakshman, since he was a child, was keenly dedicated to his elder brother. He was Ram’s second hand and accomplished all his desires even before they were told. They were trained in all the special arts, as the four princes grew up, and Ram excelled at everything. Janak, one of the king’s advisors, the father of beautiful Sita, was thinking of whom Sita should marry. Janak had announced, â€Å"May the mightiest warrior who can lift this bow can marry my daughter Sita.† (RamRam) Several princes and warriors had tried, almost inconceivably capable to even move it, but when Ram’s chance arrived, his constricted grip snapped the bow in two. Strikingly astonished he gave him his consent to marry his daughter. Dasharath was mind blown, and so the marriage of Ram and Sita was lavishly celebrated. (RamRam) And so Ram lived blissfully with his beloved wife Sita in Ayodhya. Dasharath sensed old age inevitable, so he decided with his advisors to appoint his prized son Ram as King of Ayodhya. (RamRam) When the crippled Queen Kaikeyi had heard of this, she thought to make her own son Bharat to the throne, in place of Ram. The king had gifted her two wishes in the past, when she saved his life, which she had not used yet. Kaikeyi selfishly requests, â€Å" I want Ram banished for seven years and appoint my son Bharat as the King of Ayodhya.† The King was tortured by grief and regret, but when Rama found out, he fragrantly accepted his banishment, so that his father won’t be seen as dishonest and cowardly. (RamaRama) In sorrows, his mother and Lakshman tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted, â€Å"It’s my highest duty to help my father to keep his word.† He informed Sita of his decision, telling her, â€Å"I need you to be kind to Bharat, to live piously and chastely in Ayodhya, and to serve his father and his mothers obediently.† (RamRam) But Sita answered him in an ardent speech on the duties of a woman, enforcing that, â€Å"As a wife, nothing could prevent me from following my husband into exile in the wilderness.† And so, stripped of all the royalty, clothed only in orange silk, the three went off into the wilderness while all of Ayodhya mourned. (RamRam) Bharat the new king, vigorously refuses, that the throne belongs by law to Ram. He vowed that he will stay outside the kingdom stripped of royalty and will rule living in a hut outside the kingdom. Bharat is so devoted to Ram he will live in exile until Ram returns to his righteous position. (RamRam) Meanwhile, Ram, camping in the Chitrakuta hills, is just describing, the beauties of the landscape to Sita. Lakshman spots King Bharat drawing near climbing down from the hill. He throws himself at Ram’s feet and the brothers greet each other. (RamRam) Now Bharat, with tears streaming down his face, reports to Ram the death of his father, and begs him, â€Å" We need you to return and begin your dynasty.† Ram sorely says, â€Å"I could not return to Ayodhya; but that which my father had commanded, I will never depart from my decision to spend seven years in exile.† (RamRam) Ram embraces his weeping brother with an eloquent speech on the inevitability of death, which makes every weep seem unnecessary. (RamRam) Ram gives him his sandals as a symbo l of sovereignty, and Bharat returns to Ayodhya, where Rama’s sandals are solemnly placed on the throne as the representatives of the king. (RamaRama) The exiles had been living in the Dandaka Forest for two years now and the forest hermits living there asked Ram for protection against the demons. Ram promises this protection, and from that time is incessantly engaged in battles against these monsters. The man-eating giant is the first to be killed. This hideous ogre falls in love with Ram and makes amorous proposals to him. Full of rage, she is about to swallow Sita, when Lakshman cuts off her ears and nose. She flees howling to her brother, marches against Rama with 1,000 demons. Ram slays them all with the help of Laksman. (RamRam) The ogre flees to Lanka, a fabulous land beyond the ocean, and incites her frightful brother Ravan to avenge her. At the same time, she describes to him the beauty of Sita in exquisite terms and incites him to gain possession of her and to make her his wife. Propelled by lust and anger, Ravan races off through the air in his golden chariot, across the ocean to where Sita lives. Though Mareecha is a demon, hes trying to live a virtuous life. Ravan threatens Mareech, and Mareech agrees to help abduct Sita. Mareech turns himself into a golden deer and walks near Rams residence. Sita sees the deer and asks Ram to capture it for her as a pet. Ram agrees an d goes to chase the deer, leaving Lakshman to guard Sita. Ram chases the deer for miles before he realizes its a trap. He shoots the deer, but with his dying breath, Mareech impersonates Rama and cries for help from Sita and Lakshana. Sita hears the cry and convinces Lakshman to go help Ram. When Lakshman is gone, Ravan disguises himself as a Brahmin and approaches Sita. Eventually, Ravan is unable to maintain his disguise, and he transforms into his demonic form. Sita cries for help, but Ravan flies away with his golden chariot and carries Sita away. Jatayu, the wise raven, attempts to save Sita, but Ravan chops off his wing. (RamRam) Ram and Lakshman find Jatayu and he relates to them what happened, but dies before he can tell them where Ravan was going with Sita. And the sun itself grew pale, its radiance dimmed, at the sight of Sita being carried away as if lamenting: â€Å"There is no more justice, no truth, no righteousness, no innocence if Ravan steals Sita, the wife of Ram.† (RamRam) But Ravan carried her off across the ocean to Lanka, where he shut her in his harem. Then he conducts her round his palace, shows her all its splendors and describes to her the immeasurable riches and marvels over which the rules. With coaxing words he tried to persuade her to become his wife. But Sita answered indignantly that she would never break faith with Ram by allowing him to embrace her. Enraged, Ravan warned that, if she does not yield herself to him within twelve months, he would enjoy her in another fashion: he would have her cut in pieces by his cooks and he would eat her for breakfast. Then he imprisoned her in a grotto and left her under the strict guard of the ogresses. (RamRam) Meanwhile, Ram and Lakshman returned to find their hut empty. In vain they seek Sita in the forest. In horror, Ram raises a bitter lament, searching vainly in the forest for Sita. He questions the trees, the rivers, the hills, and the animals, but none can give him news of Sita. At last, they find the flowers and ornaments that fell from Sita as she passed; then they come upon the ruins of Ravan’s chariot, his weapons, and the signs of a struggle. Rama fears that Sita has been killed, and in his delirium, he declares his intention of destroying the whole world: He will fill the air with his arrows, stay the wind in its course, annihilate the sun’s rays and envelop the earth in darkness, hurl down the summits of the mountains, dry up the lakes, destroy the ocean, uproot the trees, even destroy the gods themselves if they do not give him back his Sita. At last, Lakshman is able to calm his raving and to continue the search. (RamRam) He hears the lightning rumble to seek help from Sugriv, the monkey. Through their travailing journey through the spring forests, they find Sugriv’s Kingdom. Sugriv is consecrated as king. Among the counselors of Sugriv, Hanuman, the son of the wind-god, and the wisest. Sugriv has the greatest confidence in him and commissions him to find Sita. Accompanied by a army of monkeys, the resourceful Hanuman sets out toward the south. (RamRam) After many adventures, they meet Sampati, a brother of the vulture Jatayus, who tells them, â€Å"I had flown in a race with my brother, and had scorched my wings.† Since then, â€Å"I had been lying helpless in the Vindhya hills, but I have seen Ravan carrying Sita away to Lanka.† He described to them where the Lanka was located, and the monkeys set out for the coast. But when they saw the limitless, billowing sea before them, they despaired of getting across it. (RamRam) After much discussion, it is decided that no one can jump so far as Hanuman can. He then climbs to the top of Mount Mahendra and prepares to leap across the ocean. With a mighty leap, which caused Mahendra Hill to tremble in its depths and terrified all the creatures living on its slopes, the monkey Hanuman rose into the air and flew across the ocean. After a flight of four days, he finally reached Lanka. Fro m a hill, he surveyed the town, which seemed to him impenetrable. He made himself as small as a mouse, and after sunset, crept into the town. He examined the whole city, the palace of Ravan, on which the demon-king used to glide through the air. He also penetrated into Ravan’s harem, where he saw the king reposing in the midst of his beautiful women. After a long search, he, at last, found Sita, wasted by grief, in a tree grove. He makes himself known as a friend and messenger of Ram. (RamRam) She warned him that, â€Å"Ravan has threatened to devour her after two months, and that she will die if Ram does not rescue her before then.† Hanuman assures her that Ram will certainly save her. Then he returns to the hill, flies back across the ocean and recounts everything to the monkeys awaiting him there. Finally, he returns to Ram, bringing him the news and a message from his beloved. Ram praises Hanuman for his success and embraces him, but he despairs of getting across the ocean. Sugriv suggests constructing a bridge to Lanka. Hanuman gives an exact description of Ravan’s palace and its fortification and declares that the best of the monkey-warriors would be able to take it. So Ram commands that the army shall be prepared for the march, and soon the vast army sets out southwards towards the coast. When the news of the approaching army of monkeys had reached Lanka, Ravan summoned his counselors, all great and powerful demons, to a council. Now while all the other relatives and counselors urged Ravan in boasting speeches to fight, Vibhishan, Ravan’s brother, points to unfavorable omens and advises him to return Sita. Ravan is much enraged at this, and accuses him of envy and ill-will; relatives, he says, â€Å"Are always the worst enemies of a king, and hero.† Feeling deeply offended by his brother, Vibhishan renounces him, flies across the ocean with four other demons and allies himself with Ram. On the advice of Vibhishan, Rama appeals to the Ocean-god himself to aid him in crossing th e sea. The latter calls the monkey Nala, the son of the divine master builder Vishvakarman, and instructs him to bridge the ocean. At Ram’s command, the monkeys bring rocks and trees. In a few days, a bridge is built over the ocean, and the whole of the great army passes over to Lanka. Now Ravan’s town is surrounded by the army of monkeys. Ravan gives the command for a general sortie. A battle takes place, also many cases of single combat between the chief heroes of the two fighting armies. Lakshman, Hanuman, and the bear-king Jambavan are the most prominent fellow combatants of Ram. While on Ravan’s side, his son Indrajit is the most conspicuous. The latter is versed in all magic arts and knows how to make himself invisible at moment. The battle horn blows and the war begins. Indrajit inflicts dangerous wounds on Ram and Lakshman. But in the night, on the advice of the bear-king Jambavan, the monkey Hanuman flies to Mount Kailasa, in order to fetch four particularly po werful healing herbs. As these herbs are concealed, the monkey simply takes the whole mountain-peak with him and carries it to the battle-field, where, through the fragrance of the healing herbs, Ram, Lakshman and all the wounded are immediately healed. Then Hanuman puts the mountain back into its place. On another occasion, Indrajit, versed in magic, comes out of the city carrying, on his war-chariot a magically produced image of Sita, which he ill-treats and beheads before the eyes of Hanuman, Lakshman, and the monkeys. Horrified, Hanuman reports to Rama that Sita is killed; Rama falls into a swoon. Lakshman breaks into lamentations and utters a blasphemous speech with bitter complaints against a fate that has no regard to virtue but be is soon enlightened by Vibhishan that the whole affair is only a delusion produced by Indrajit. Finally, Indrajit is killed by Lakshmana after a violent duel. Furious at the death of his son, Ravan himself now appears on the field of battle. A dreadful duel between Ram a nd Ravan takes place, continuing day and night. The gods themselves come to Ram’s aid, especially Indra with his chariot and his projectiles strikes aggressively. But every time Rama strikes off one of Ravana’s heads, a new head grows again. At last, Vibishan tells him Ravan’s weak spot, he succeeds in piercing Ravana’s belly button with a weapon created by the god Brahma himself. There is great rejoicing in the army of the monkeys, and wild flight of the demons. Vibhishana is installed as King of the Lanka by Rama. Only now does Rama send for Sita, and proclaim to her the joyous news of the victory — but then, in the presence of all the monkeys and gods, he rejects her. He doubts that Sita had grown over the years to love Ravan. Then Sita raises a bitter complaint against Ram’s unjust suspicions and asks Lakshman to erect a pyre: for now nothing remained for her but to enter the fire. Ram gives his consent, the pyre is erected and lighted, and Sita, invoking Agni, the fire god, as a witne ss of her innocence, rushes into the flames. Then Agni arises out of the burning pyre with the uninjured Sita and delivers her to Ram, assuring him, in a solemn speech, that she has always kept her faith with him, and even in the palace of the demons remained pure and innocent. Thereupon Ram declares that he himself had never had any doubts concerning Sita’s innocence, but that it was necessary to prove it before the eyes of the people. Now Ram and his people, accompanied by Hanuman and the monkeys, return to Ayodhya, where they are received with open arms by Bharat, Shatrughna, and the mothers. They enter amidst the rejoicing of the populace. Rama is consecrated as king and rules contently and for the welfare of his subject for many years.

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Social Media Marketing Helps a Business to Develop a Positive Relationship with their Customers Free Essay Example, 2250 words

In the 21st century, there has been an upsurge of business competition, forcing most businesses to venture into international markets as part of their strategy to expand their geographical coverage. As the domestic market becomes saturated, organizations have to resort to international business strategies to overcome the threat of business competition (Clark, 2012). However, entry into the international market has been a great challenge for many organizations due to the complexities of this market. Cultural diversity and variation in customer tastes have become a threat to customer loyalty. The customer lies at the heart of the organizational performance and hence organizations have set it as a business priority to develop a positive customer relationship. Loyal customers are of great value to the organization as they ensure that the business continues to thrive even during tough market conditions. The concession that exists is that the organization must develop strategies on how to win customer loyalty in its market positioning strategy. As a result, international organizations has put it a top priority to win customer loyalty both in the short and long-term. The issue of customer relationship is common in the business environment. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Media Marketing Helps a Business to Develop a Positive Relationship with their Customers or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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My Tub Free Essays

A girl and her tub should not be messed with. My full-body slnklng hole with relaxing jets is my form of relaxation in this rat race called life. Even though, I am surrounded by dirty clothes, piles of forgotten cosmetics and beauty products with plastic toy animals staring at me, I am alone. We will write a custom essay sample on My Tub or any similar topic only for you Order Now I lock the door and barricade myself from my husband, two small boys, phone calls, laundry, and life. I turn off the overhead light and let the natural sunrays from outside come through the window. I might exfoliate the soles of my tired feet or I might run the dull razor up and down my hairy legs, but mostly I Just sit. I close my eyes while putting up my feet and letting my mind race to an imaginary world where things are simple. I let the heat from the hot water steam up my glasses. I let the heat turn my skin pink from the extreme temperature differences in the room and melt away my stress and worries. The sweat runs down my face and mixes with the washed away make-up, dirt, and tears. It forms puddles and trickles down my body and drift away In the Immense pool. I conquer all of life’s dilemmas, family squabbles, and work stress on deserted island in the bathroom. And when it is over, I would like to think they all disappear down the drain for a temporary leave. This is my secret clubhouse that I retreat to for relief. My tub is my own and should not be messed with. How to cite My Tub, Papers

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Competition and Financial Accounting Skullduggery

Question: Discuss about theCompetition and Financial Accounting for Skullduggery. Answer: Introduction In this article there is discussion of the activities of accounting skullduggery of the companies. It has been observed that there are more than $26 Billion dollars in write down that has been observed in companies such as BHP Billiton, South32, Rio Tinto, Santos, Woolworths, Orica, Woodside that has been to the collapse of more than $44 billion collapse. These kinds of write down practices has grown immensely in the last year. The Australian Securities and Investment commission has stated that it would investigate into this matter. Woolsworth company had somehow converted 800-million-dollar profit from 1.2-billion-dollar profit. If this had occurred in countries such as the United States, the SEC of the country there would have been stringent actions against these practices by the corporation. The ASIC considers the companies to follow the ethical mandates and have proper regulatory practices. The remuneration to the top management is higher and is also a problem. Response The Australian Accounting Standards is a part of the Australian government that is used to develop and maintain regulation of the financial reporting standards of the company. This applied to the private and the public sectors of the company. In this the companies are expected to balance between the stakeholder interests more than the shareholder or investor interests. The corporate governance of the company favors only some stakeholders and they ensure that the people (Balakrishnan Cohen, 2013). There is also the incorporation of the positive accounting theory of opportunistic perspective that is adopted in the accounting practices of the company (Bazley et al., 2012) . The oversight and the ethical committee of the companies should do more to address these claims. To conclude the article discusses about the ethical mandates required while balancing the budget. Durkin, P. ( 2016, September 16). Accounting skullduggery hides $26b in losses. Australian Financial Review,.p. Retrieved from Article 2 Summary In this article there is critical view of the HSBC reporting of the people retirement savings. There is the concept of positive bias in their retirement accounts and there is underestimation of the costs involved in the process. There are a number of biases that has been found in the report that the author argues. The issues with the positive accounting theory when accounting for the personal retirement accounts has been detailed in this article. The biases such as earning more would lead to better retirement lives or that selling of assets would mean a better quality of life has been disputed in this article. To summarize the article, it points out towards the issues of positive accounting theory and overestimation. Response to the Article Positive accounting theory tries to make positive accounts and predictions about the real world events and uses these positive assumptions to the accounting transactions (Deegan, 2012). There was discussion in the 7th sessions of the importance of positive accounting theories. Normative theories on the other hand discusses about what needs to be done. But the positive theories explain the positive bias and predicts the events. The reasons firms use this practices is to ensure that there is maximization of the prospects used for survival. The issues in the positive accounting theories is that they make invalid assumptions. There is no systematic or scientific review of what needs to be done nor is the predictions assured (Horngren, et al., 2012) . The positive accounting theory in the past has not been able to show substantial positive growth in the markets. Even though it has been in play from 1970 onwards. The issues of positive accounting theory and its inherent limitations has bee n explained in this article from a practical perspective. Patten, S ( 2016 August 2016) Accentuating the positive can backfire in retirement, warns HSBC. Australian Financial Review, P. Retrieved from Article 3 Summary of the Article Wesfarmers had said that the actual earnings of Target would be 53 million dollars and not 74 million that was reported by Target. This is a 5.7% difference in the reporting. 21 million dollars was assumed to arise from the rebate arrangement. Apart from this there was the issue of plunging coal prices in the last year. This had caused the company to suffer a lot of losses. The remuneration losses for the executives were considered to be 10 million dollars. However, in spite of this the Wesfarmers executive remuneration was more than 1 million dollars. The short term incentive payments and the inherent risks of the process has been reported in this article. Response to the Article While an accounting reporting is made the most important aspect is maintaining the ethics. This is the core value of the corporate governance. Meeting bottom lines, maximization of the earning and adding of the intangibles in the accounting balance sheets are added in order to keep the investors of the company satisfied. However, in this case there has been considerable losses yet the management continues to receive considerable amount in bonuses in spite of the losses posted. The ethics review of the company needs to reexamine the practices of bonus payout to the top executive (Macve, 2015). To summarize it is quite clear that the company should have a better ethics and corporate governance practices in place. Greenblat, E ( 2016, September 22) Troubled year costs Wesfarmers executives $10m in entitlements, The Australian, Retreived from Article 4 Summary of the Article Shine Lawyers face the risk of a class action after the collapse of the share price. The Shine lawyers are blamed for the 75% decline in the share price. This had wiped over 253 million in the market capitalization. Reason for the class action is that Shine has been criticized for over-estimating the firms ability in recovering from the loses. The company has however declined that they had ever committed any wrong doing. Over estimation of the company progress is the reason cited for the class action brought against the company. The class action has been brought against the company. Response to the Article The issue in the article can be linked to the positive accounting theory and is considered to be opportunistic perspective. This is assumed that the managers were driven by self interest and also had employed in creative accounting practices where the objectivity has not been considered. It seems to refer that the people responsible for the accounting practices were not clear and has caused this issue to arise (Henderson et al., 2015) . Shine lawyers would have been prematurely motivated to reported the revenue that there would be a future profit in the future. This is the reason for the company to face the class action. While the intention or the actions of the Shine company are yet to be uncovered it is quite clear that the company has not been meeting objectives and there is an obvious issue in the operational procedure of the company. Merrit, C ( 23rd September 2016) Shine faces class action from investors over share price fall The Australian Retrieved from Reference: Balakrishnan, K., Cohen, D. A. (2013). Competition and financial accounting misreporting.Available at SSRN 1927427. Bazley, M., Hancock, P., Fisher, C., Lovell, A., Berk, J., DeMarzo, P., ... DeMarzo, P. (2013).Financial Accounting: An Integrated. Thomson Pty Ltd, South Melbourne. Deegan, C. (2012).Australian financial accounting. McGraw-Hill Education Australia. Durkin, P. ( 2016, September 16). Accounting skullduggery hides $26b in losses. Australian Financial Review,.p. Retrieved from Greenblat, E ( 2016, September 22) Troubled year costs Wesfarmers executives $10m in entitlements, Retreived from Henderson, S., Peirson, G., Herbohn, K., Howieson, B. (2015).Issues in financial accounting. Pearson Higher Education AU. Horngren, C., Harrison, W., Oliver, S., Best, P., Fraser, D., Tan, R. (2012).Financial Accounting. Pearson Higher Education AU Macve, R. (2015).A Conceptual Framework for Financial Accounting and Reporting: Vision, Tool, Or Threat?. Routledge. Merrit, C ( 23rd September 2016) Shine faces class action from investors over share price fall The Australian Retrieved from Patten, S ( 2016 August 2016) Accentuating the positive can backfire in retirement, warns HSBC. Australian Financial Review, P. Retrieved from